All Maui Beaches

Baldwin Beach

Baldwin BeachBaldwin Beach is the largest beach on the North Shore of Maui. It’s sands stretch out for about a mile spanning the coastline between Paia and Sprekelsville. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some time to yourself on Maui’s North Shore then you should consider putting a stop at Baldwin Beach on your itinerary. …(more info)

Charlie Young Beach

Charlie Young BeachCharlie Young beach is actually the northern portion of Kamaole Beach Park #1. It was named after the man that owned the house just above the beach for many years. This is a beach that is a favorite of the local population and on most days you will be able to see a series of fishing poles methodically planted in the sand or a beach volley ball game in progress. The sand on this beach is a beautiful golden color and has a fine texture. The sand will extend into the ocean and makes an excellent …(more info)

Fleming Beach

Fleming BeachFor many people, perhaps the quintessential beach on Maui is Fleming Beach, also known as D.T. Fleming Beach Park. This beach has it all. It spans close to a half-mile along its crescent-shaped coastline and is carpeted with the an incredible white fluffy sand that extends fifty-plus feet from the ocean to the shaded forest line which provides the perfect back-drop to the beach. It is large enough to provide room for everyone on a busy day but is often empty enough that you feel you have the entire …(more info)

Hamoa Beach

Hamoa BeachPerhaps the most beautiful of all the Hana beaches is the beach at Hamoa. Years ago the high-end Hana Hotel realized this and purchased the land directly behind the beach to be used as a staging area of sorts for their guests to use and often the hotel will bus their guests the two or three miles from the hotel to Hamoa Beach. The beach itself of course has public access and anyone can come down the lovely winding entrance to enjoy it. Having the ownership of the land behind has proven to be a …(more info)

Hana Bay

Hana BayHana Bay is a fairly protected cove area with a large crescent shaped beach that runs parallel to the frontage road which leads to the Hana Harbor Pier. A large abutment of rock shoots almost straight up hundreds of feet high from the bay itself and acts as a tremendous shield from the wind. All and all the bay and its gentle sloping beach is a great place for families to gather because of the usual relatively calm seas. Picnic benches along the lawn area in the rear area just off the shoreline…(more info)

Hanakao`o Beach Park

Hanakao`o Beach ParkHanakao’o Beach park is located on the southern extremity of Kaanapali Beach just off the Honoapiilani Highway (Rt. 30) about two miles north of the town of Lahaina. Its more popular name is “Canoe Beach” because this is the home of the Lahaina Canoe Club and is the site of numerous outrigger canoe regalia competitions throughout the year. When the competitions occur, all the canoe clubs on the island show up to race along the course which has been created with colorful buoys forming lanes for …(more info)

Haycraft Beach Park

Haycraft Beach ParkHaycraft Beach Park is a very small Maui County park located at the very eastern extremity of the town of Maalaea. Being almost adjacent to Maalaea Harbor you will be able to see the boats coming in and out of the harbor on their daily routine. From Haycraft Beach you can walk east on one of the longest beaches on the island eventually taking you all the way to Sugar Beach in North Kihei. This is a walk frequented by many visitors on a daily basis during their visit to Maui. In the winter months …(more info)

Honokowai Beach Park

Honokowai Beach ParkHonokowai Beach Park is undoubtedly the focal point of activity in the town of Honokowai. Anyone driving through the beach community of Honokowai will get their first glimpse of the ocean when they drive by the park on the Lower Honoapiilani Hawaii. As the name implies, Honokowai Beach Park is both a beach and a park. The large expanses of lawn with picnic benches and barbecues make it an ideal choice as a place for groups to gather in a park setting. The beach is available right there as well …(more info)

Honolua Bay

Honolua BayLocated on the north-western tip of the island of Maui, Honolua Bay is a one of the most beautiful ocean locations to be found anywhere in Hawaii. The bay itself is a part of the 45 acre Honolua-Mokule’ia Marine Conservation District and as such all corals and marine creatures inside it are federally protected. Honolua Bay has two distinct seasons, winter and summer. Winter time brings in the huge swells making it a fantastic surfing spot while in the summer time there are fewer waves and the …(more info)

Hookipa Beach Park

Hookipa Beach ParkDuring the winter months Hookipa is one of the best places to see people riding big waves. In the mornings and evenings it is a very popular place for surfers. The reason why the surfers are not normally out in the afternoon is because the afternoon trade winds come up and while they’re blowing it becomes a favorite location for Maui’s windsurfers to get out on the water and refine their world class skills. If you happen to be in the area when the waves are up then you should definitely try …(more info)

Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali BeachOf all the beaches on Maui probably the most famous is Kaanapali Beach. This enormous white sand crescent shaped beach is the centerpiece of the Kaanapali Beach Resort which is the home of five of the most popular hotels on Maui as well as six of the largest condominium complexes. Kaanapali Beach is not only extremely wide with the most marvelous soft and fluffy sand making it ideal for “laying out” but its sand bottom entry into the water makes it an ideal location to swim. In fact …(more info)

Kamaole Beach Park 1

Kamaole Beach Park 1What could generally be considered the first of the truly beautiful South Maui Beaches as you work your way south from North Kihei is Kamaole Beach Park #1 which is the first of the triad of beaches known as Kamaole Beach Parks #1,#2 and #3. This is the part of the southern coastline of Maui that starts to have the exotic and beautiful white sand beaches that Kihei and further south Wailea and Makena are famous for. Kamaole 1 is a beautiful white sand crescent that stretches one-third of a mile …(more info)

Kamaole Beach Park 2

Kamaole Beach Park 2Kamaole Beach Park #2 is the middle beach in the triad of beautiful white-sand beaches in central Kihei known as the Kamaole beaches. The characteristics of Kamaole 2 are very similar to those of Kamaole 1. It is just short of a third of a mile in length from tip to tip, it has a sand bottom except at the edges of its crescent, it is good for snorkeling but only at its tips, it is great for swimming because of its sand bottom, and it also has a lifeguard tower. …(more info)

Kamaole Beach Park 3

Kamaole Beach Park 3Of all three of the beaches that make up the triad of Kamaole Beach Parks in Kihei, Kamaole Beach Park #3 is the one that is the most different. The beach here is beautiful as well as the others but it is much smaller. It also has rock promontories on either end that can provide an interesting walk. The beach has the appearance of being much rougher than the other two simply because many of the waves break along these rock promontories often sending huge splashes into the air. Kamaole Beach 3 …(more info)

Kanaha Beach

Kanaha BeachKanaha Beach is one of the major beaches located on Maui’s north-central coastline. Kanaha is actually an enormous series of adjacent beaches that stretch through no less than five separate parking entrances. Like most North Maui beaches it faces directly into the north-east trade winds and so Kanaha has its fair share of winds which usually arrive in mid to late mornings. It is because of these winds that Kanaha Beach has become a favorite of wind surfers and kite boarders alike. On any …(more info)

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua BayOver the years various organizations, magazines and self appointed experts have taken on the task of determining the best beaches in the world. The criteria used is presumably different in each case but for what it’s worth, Kapalua Bay has appeared at the top of this list in many of these surveys, not just once, but for a number of times. There’s simply no way to suggest that the bay at Kapalua is simply not stellar in every way. It is a beautiful crescent shaped beach that is fairly well …(more info)

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu BeachKeawakapu Beach in Kihei is an enormous beach stretching approximately one mile from tip to tip. It is so large in fact that there are three separate points of entry where you can park and then walk to the beach. The north and the south ends of Keawakapu are generally the most populated areas in terms of beachgoers. The middle entrance is probably the most popular for the local population. The sand here is a golden color as many beaches are in the South Maui area and the beach in most areas is …(more info)

Launiupoko Beach Park

Launiupoko Beach ParkLauniupoko State Wayside Park has long been a favorite on the west side of the island. It offers visitors a beautiful green grass park setting complete with picnic tables and barbecue stations but it also has a small beach to enter for a short swim and water activities. Located right off the Honoapiilani Highway (Rt 30) a couple miles south of the town of Lahaina this has been a popular gathering place over the years. …(more info)

Mai Poina Oe Ia U

Mai Poina Oe Ia UMai’Poin’a ‘oe Ia’u Beach Park is located at the 5 mile marker in North Kihei. The beach stretches perhaps a mile from sands-end at its southern boundary to Sugar Beach whose boundary is the old sugar pier at the beginning of North Kihei. This is typically a fairly calm beach in terms of waves and usually only breaks big with large south swells. Mornings here are usually flat and good for swimming and walking but the afternoons can be extremely windy and thus Mai’Poin’a …(more info)

Makena Beach

Makena BeachMakena Beach is considered by many to be the very best beach on Maui. Makena Beach is the beach furthest to the south of all the main beaches on the island. It is located just south of Pu’u Olai which is also known as Red Hill. This extinct cinder cone marks the south-west corner of the island and Makena beach is located at the bend of the island with its shores facing squarely south toward the Big Island of Hawaii (on extremely clear days you can see the tops of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on …(more info)

Makuleia Beach

Makuleia BeachMakule’ia Bay is the bay immediately to the south of Honolua Bay and is located on the forty-five acre Honolua-Mokule’ia Marine Conservation District. This beautiful bay, which is sometimes referred to as “Slaughterhouse Beach” because of the slaughter-house that was once located near there, is located just off a huge “s-turn” on the Honoapi’ilani Highway between the town of Kapalua and Honolua Bay. One has to negotiate an extreme descent down the cliffs to get …(more info)

Maluaka Beach

Maluaka BeachThere are simply so many beautiful beaches in South Maui that it is hard to pick a favorite. Many people choose Maluaka Beach as their favorite however for a number of reasons. It is a long and wide beach with beautiful white sand, actually more golden in color. In many ways it is similar to its neighbor beach of Makena which is located right around the corner but Maluaka has the advantage of offering a nice restroom facility as well as showers and some nice grassy areas to enjoy instead of just …(more info)

Napili Bay

Napili BayNapili Bay is a beautiful crescent shaped white sand beach that is located in the area of the island called Napili along the coast of West Maui. Napili Bay is very popular, particularly among people who are staying in Napili and are within walking distance of this seaside jewel of a beach. Those traveling to Napili Bay by car will have to find parking on the back streets behind the bay and on busy days this area can be packed. As is the case with most beaches along these northern areas of Maui …(more info)

Olowalu Beach

Olowalu BeachOlowalu Beach is located close to the 14 mile marker on the Honoapiilani Highway which is the ocean road that takes you from the central valley to Lahaina and the West Side. Olowalu Beach is located just off the side of the road and can be easily seen by anyone driving by. Olowalu is noted for a number of things primary among them being its excellent snorkeling and it is known as an excellent surfing location when the ocean swells are right. It is also known as the historical location of one of the …(more info)

Pohaku Park

Pohaku ParkPohaku Beach Park is located in Kahana just south and within easy view of the high-rise portion of town. This small beach park is often referred to as S-Turns because of the curve in the road that used to be there years ago before it was straightened. It is also the sight of a fairly popular surf break which also goes by the name of S-Turns. Though quite small Pohaku Park is quite nice as it is located along a beautiful section of the coastline. Locals often find their way there for “pau …(more info)

Poolenalena Beach

Poolenalena BeachProbably due to the fact that Po’olenalena Beach is not located directly in front of, or not particularly close to a major resort hotel it is remarkably unpopulated by beachgoers with the exception of local residents. There is a large parking lot, albeit dirt, abutting the only Wailea/Makena thoroughfare traversing the coastline and so it is fairly easy to find with its green and very official Department of Parks and Recreation sign designating the spot. It’s a fairly dusty lot and has …(more info)

Puamana Beach Park

Puamana Beach ParkPuamana Beach Park is located immediately south of Lahaina next to the small resort community of the same name. The beach, and the park area behind it, are small and the beach itself consists of rocks rather than sand. This would not be your ideal choice of a beach to go to and lay out to enjoy the sun and lounge along the shoreline but it might just be the perfect beach for you if you wanted to learn to surf or if you are a bit more experienced a surfer it might be the perfect beach to go to if …(more info)

Sugar Beach

Sugar BeachSugar Beach is located at the very north end of Kihei where the island takes a sharp ninety-degree turn toward Maalaea Harbor. Sugar Beach is very long, in fact it travels the entire distance between North Kihei and Maalaea and thus makes a fantastic morning walk area for people traveling in either location. The sand is white and can often be deep the closer you get to the vegetation line which in most cases at Sugar Beach consists of a Kiawe Tree overhang. Swimming at Sugar Beach can be a challenge …(more info)

Ukumehame Beach Park

Ukumehame Beach ParkUkumehame Beach Park is located near the 12 mile marker along the Honoapiilani Highway (Hwy 30) in West Maui just a couple of miles north of the tunnel which separates the west side from Maalaea Harbor and the central valley. Ukumehame takes its name from the huge valley which can be seen directly behind it which carves a spectacular “V” in the West Maui Mountains. These dangerous valley ridges eventually lead to the pass that that was taken by King Kamehmeha’s army of Spartan like …(more info)

Ulua Beach

Ulua BeachUlua Beach is a charming beach that is located in the heart of Wailea. Access to the beach from outside the resort can be found on the Ulua Beach turnoff from Wailea Alanui Drive just north of the Shops at Wailea. If you are already in Wailea Ulua Beach can be accessed from the beach sidewalk that runs the entire distance of Wailea along the shoreline. Ulua Beach is surrounded by resorts and condominiums and a well manicured pathway and gardens but the beach itself embodies all the characteristics …(more info)

Wahikuli Wayside Park

Wahikuli Wayside ParkWahikuli Wayside Beach Park consists of the beach located mid-point between Lahaina and Kaanapali and the surrounding park areas that encompass it. The close proximity to the Lahaina area has made this beach over the years a popular favorite among the local population. Wahikuli Beach is truly the very first major beach that one could actually easily enter by way of a sand bottom and get in and swim for some distance on the entire west side of the island working your way from south to north. Many…(more info)

Wailea Beach

Wailea BeachWailea Beach is the jewel of the Wailea Beaches. This is the largest beach in Wailea and a case could easily made that it is the most beautiful. It certainly was beautiful enough for the Grand Wailea Resort and the Wailea Four Seasons Resort to make the decision to construct their properties here and each of these hotels have been listed as the best hotel in the world on numerous occasions.…(more info)

Wainapanapa Beach

Wainapanapa BeachWhen black lava rock breaks down over time it creates black sand, and this has been the case at the beautiful Hana beach of Wainapanapa. Wainapanapa is also a park as well as a beach and there are miles of trails to wander. The Kings Highway which was purportedly built under the reign of King Piilanai many centuries ago actually ringed the entire island with a pathway and the remnants of part of this trail can easily be seen at Wainapanapa where the trail extends along the rocky coastline and comes …(more info)


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