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We have been booking car rentals from Hawaii Car Rentals AA Aloha Cars-R-Us for numerous years.  We have had excellent service and  wholesale prices.  Always, when we have booked, even in high season they are the cheapest price around. In the past I’ve spent hours on the internet checking  Hotwire, Priceline and a million other sites as well as phoning the rental car companies direct. Then one day I found  Hawaii Car Rental – AA Aloha Cars-R-Us!   What a relief, they got back to me right away and I couldn’t believe the pricing.  We are seasoned travellers and have travelled the world and have never such fabulous rental car pricing.  We have even booked through them when we hopped from island to island.

If you are staying in Kihei, you can take the shuttle from the airport for $15.00/person and pick your car up in Kihei. On a monthly rental you save about  $ 200.00 after you pay for the shuttle because you are not paying all the airport fees.

They have been serving the Hawaii area for over 30 years.  You don’t prepay, they simply make the booking and email you your reservation confirmation number within minutes of you making the booking.  You won’t be disappointed!

To access the AA Aloha Website click on the link below:

 Or you can go straight to the form and they will get back to you right away with pricing:
Click on the link below to go directly to getting a quote:

Here’s a testimonial  from a satisfied customer:

I forgot to book a car for the month of January and remembered in late December. Everyone was very high priced – but I found an old quote from AA Aloha Cars-R-Us and emailed a query to see if this would be still good. Well, it wasn’t. But they were the only car rental contact that suggested that I wait for a few days (after the big rush of New Year’s Eve) and then to rent in Kihei (where our condo was) – and what a good deal it was! So we took the SpeeiShuttle to our condo. Had to walk a short distance for a couple of days and then it was an easy walk to Avis for the car. Nicest car we’ve ever had on the island (we’ve suffered through some real junkers from Alamo) and at a wonderful price. Turns out this company is a guy who finds the best deal – you don’t pay anything to AA Aloha Cars-R-Us, so no fears about prepayment. You get a confirmation number with whatever deal he found and you deal directly with the car rental firm.


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